Leeds Tube map v3

Update: you can now buy the Leeds Tube map as a poster for your wall!

My Tube map has been getting a lot of attention recently. I’ve twice been on BBC Radio Leeds to talk about it, it’s been shared (uncredited) on the Facebook pages of O2 Academy and Trinity Leeds, and a version of it (bizarrely) appears in public transport app Moovit.

So it’s high time for a little update. This version joins the Abbey Line and Skyrack Lines in Otley, and adds the two planned National Rail stations at Apperley Bridge and Kirkstall Forge. It also fixes the shape of the East Circle, which has been bugging me since I made version 2.

As usual, it’s released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license, which means you can use it for any non-commercial purpose as long as you credit me when you share it. Contact me if you want to use it for a commercial reason.

Click the map to view all sizes on Flickr

And here’s the SVG source for people who want to make changes or print it at high resolution.


  1. Jon Kelly
    Aug 20, 2014

    Brilliant mate,like you I love leeds but the transport system or lack of one realy peeves me,

  2. neil
    Jan 28, 2015


    I’d really like to have this as a picture on my wall. Is this available in a picture/poster anywhere?

    many thanks

    • Rich
      Jan 28, 2015

      Please feel free to download and print either the SVG file or the full-resolution image from Flickr. It might be an idea for me to set up a site where you can buy printed copies of it, so I can look into this if you’d prefer.

  3. John Martins
    Mar 11, 2015


    My hobby on and off for more than fifty years has been fantasy railway systems.

    Of course, your fantasies and mine exist in entirely different dimensions, and don’t need to relate. But I’d like to persuade you to think a bit bigger. Bradford , Dewsbury and Wakefield are well within conventional metro range, and are equally in need of twenty-first century public transport.

    And if we are tunnelling under Leeds/Bradford airport, I’d prefer to connect it to the National Rail network – run the Leeds-Ilkley trains that way, and also connect it to Harrogate, Bradford, Skipton and East Lancashire.

    It’s nice to think that this need not be fantasy. Despite Yorkshire convictions to the contrary, if Britain spends a trillion pounds on Britain in Britain, we are not a trillion pounds worse off. We stil have that money cirtculating in our country, being spent over and over again. We have full employment, prosperity, everybody spending money in the shops.

    George Osborne is building HS2 just to stimulate the economy. Your Leeds (or my Leeds-Bradford) Metro is equally justifiable!

    • Rich
      Mar 11, 2015

      Yes! I entirely agree with what you say.

      I made this map originally as an exercise in learning about my new city, so that’s why it’s Leeds-centric. Of course a real metro system would and should cover the (horribly named) Leeds City Region which includes all of West Yorkshire plus Craven, Harrogate, York and Barnsley.

  4. Kali
    Nov 1, 2018

    This is a great idea, though I would probably have changed a couple of things in West Leeds had I designed it.

    For one thing, in order to get the council’s approval, I’d plonk a station down at Farnley Hall for the council workers who work up there. To make that work I’d probably have the West Line run from New Farnley rather than Armley, with an extra stop at Farnley Hall, then on to Bramley. Though for cost reasons they might want to do that as a one-station branch line west of Lower Wortley.

    I’d probably make the Leeds-Bradford line run as far as Bradford Forster Square via the existing heavy rail line, because they can’t do a worse job than Northern, right? Then it could connect with Bradford’s tube network*.

    I’d also have a couple more stations in and around Morley, there’s a lot of people who live out there and a couple of business parks that aren’t served.

    * Bradford also needs a tube network. 😛

    • Rich
      Nov 1, 2018

      Thanks for your ideas! I’ve also considered doing a West Yorkshire-wide one, but I don’t know Bradford as well as Leeds so it would be quite the challenge!


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