Leeds Tube map updated

My Leeds Tube map was an unexpected hit on Twitter, and I even ended up being in the Yorkshire Evening Post!

I also received some feedback from people who would like to see my fantasy tube support more of the population centres in Leeds. Some of the feedback was very constructive so I’ve taken the time to update it with two new lines, the East Circle, connecting settlements in East Leeds, and the West Line that connects Armley and Bramley with the rail network.

Leeds Tube map updated

Click to view a larger version on Flickr.

I also updated the Google Map to show the real1 locations of these stations.

View Leeds Tube in a larger map

As before, this is released under an attribution-noncommercial licence, so feel free to print it out or use it yourself for things as long as you credit me and don’t make any money from it. And the SVG source is available too.

If you have any comments on the update, leave them below or on Twitter!

  1. Well, as real as they’ll ever be. []


  1. Matthew
    Jun 23, 2013

    Love this plan, there are still a few things I would love you to add though, Wondered what you think….

    Firstly, the Leeds-Bradford line needs extending to Horsforth Tran station (at least) so that it is connected to more rail stations than Shipley and most importantly is better connected with Leeds station. For the regional growth it is important to have a well connected airport. (To be honest I would connect it with Headingley Arndale Via Horsforth. Doing that would open the airport to even more people without them having to go all the way into the city centre.)

    Secondly, I would extend the abbey line to Ilkley. I know they have fantastic metro trains already but what about the people that want to travel from Otley to Ilkley ect… Ilkley has an LS postcode, so lets bring that money into the city centre.

    Finally, it would be quite chaotic on the Skyrack line if there were Leeds Rhinos and LUFC homegames on during the term time (or on a weekday). It may be an idea to add further lines to the stations that could encourage congestion (Perhaps take the west line down to, and the allerton line up to Leeds United. I would also add a ‘northern line’ that runs from New Pudsey>abbey>Headingley Rail>Stadium> Three Hullets>Roundhay Park). It may also be an idea to connect Leeds Arena to more lines to reduce congestion too?

    And just to point out (so you can further perfect your great work) there are a few stations that need Circles as more than one line crosses them.

    Just some ideas. :)


    • Rich
      Jun 23, 2013

      Hi Matthew;

      Thanks for the feedback!

      You might be right about the Skyrack Line. I’ve had a few thoughts about how I would do that in a real situation, and the “Northern Line” was what I was trying to achieve with the Allerton Line, although there are obviously alternatives.

      The Leeds-Bradford Line was added specifically to create a link with both mainline stations in Bradford and Leeds, as they both have extremely frequent and fast trains to Shipley (this isn’t the case with Leeds-Horsforth, as there are stops in between and the trains are only twice an hour).

      The circles are only on “recommended interchanges”. This correlates with how the London Tube Map (on which this is based) works. See the Circle and District Lines, for example.

      Thanks again for your suggestions. If I ever work on this again I’ll find a way to incorporate some of them!


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