The Humanity Party: a manifesto

The European elections are around the corner, in just two days. Like many others, I am tired of all the major political parties. It’s a race to the right, with every party spouting the same anti-immigration, anti-poor rhetoric.

So I put together a mini-manifesto for a political party I could believe in. Who else would vote for the Humanity Party?


The Humanity Party

Every person in this country, regardless of who they are or where they come from, is a human being and entitled to be treated with dignity and respect. Every person is entitled to all human rights laid out in international law.

The Humanity Party believes that human rights supersede all other laws. A Humanity government would never introduce or vote in favour of legislation that contravenes or limits these rights.

We believe that the primary purpose of government should be to ensure a minimum standard of living for everyone who lives here. The welfare state and the NHS need to protect everyone who needs protecting, regardless of the cost. We find the phrase “need it most” very disquieting. If someone needs welfare, they need welfare.

The economy of this country is important if the UK is to be a major player on the international stage, but if we have to choose in order to balance the books, we will always choose society over economy.

When budgets are tight, the balance will only ever come from the pockets of those who can afford it. There has always been enough money to go round, and it is businesses and their owners who must pay when times are tough.

Visitors, resident foreign nationals and asylum seekers are entitled to the same dignity and respect as any other human beings. We will never make claims or laws about immigration without basis in fact. It’s your right as citizens to know the true impact of immigration on Britain.

Indeed, all our decisions will be made in consultation with objective fact. A Humanity government will never make decisions based on a spurious individual case study, or an editorial in a popular newspaper, no matter how many votes it may win us. Wherever we are not putting lives directly at risk, we will make these facts public so you can see why we decided what we decided.

Freedom of speech, religion (or not), conscience and identity will be guaranteed. These freedoms are only guaranteed insofar as they do not impact on someone else’s enjoyment of these freedoms.

It is not the government’s place to legislate on people’s personal lives. Those laws which legislate people’s gender identity, sexual orientation or relationships (except to protect the vulnerable) will be amended or repealed.

The purpose of the House of Lords is to provide an experienced balance to the Commons. We will reform the House of Lords to contain a more representative sample of the British population. The Privy Council will also be reformed.

This country is geographically diverse, and we would ensure that every region is fairly represented in matters of public funding and government attention.

Public services should belong to the public. A Humanity govenrment will end the privatisation of the railways, energy industry and other public services. The stated aims of these privatisations were never achieved and it is the public who have lost out.

Above all, we do not believe we are better than you or anyone else. People have a right to know the truth about where their money is spent and why, and to fair treatment by the law regardless of who they are, where they come from or their current personal circumstances.


  1. Faustina Chileshe
    Nov 20, 2014

    The Symble is outstanding matching with the intended goals
    of the Humanity Party Manifesto.

  2. Faustina Chileshe
    Dec 7, 2014

    The Manifesto has to be provided with another Emblem to make
    Symble and Motto

    • Faustina Chileshe Ph.D
      Jan 11, 2015

      Response to 20, 2014

      The comments stands as it was written on this date.

  3. Faustina Chileshe
    Dec 27, 2014

    A. Humanity Party Manifesto, Zambia
    Humanity has the first three level National Management Committee on loca organs, Zambia, Africa
    1. The National Management Execultive Committee
    2. The National Management Provincial Committee
    3. The House of Chiefs

    • Faustina Chilshe Ph.D
      Jan 11, 2015

      11th January 2015

      The Humanity has first four levels structures

      1. The National Management Committee
      2. The Provincial Management Committee
      3. The District Management Committee
      4. The House of Chiefs

      • Rich
        Jan 11, 2015

        Hi Faustina

        I appreciate that your real political party in Zambia has the same name as my fictional party.

        Can you please help me understand why you are posting these comments on my blog post about a fictional British political party, and if there’s anything I can do to help you achieve your intentions?


        ~ Rich

  4. tony baines
    Sep 19, 2019

    Hi Rich,

    I got your site via a ‘Humanist Party’ search on Google. If you are serious about wanting to set up a Humanist Party in England, I am interested. I am an ex-Liberal Party member here in Cumbria. p.s. Like you and your website.

    • Quinn
      Sep 21, 2019

      Hi Tony – Thanks for saying so! It was more like a human rights party than a humanism party I was thinking of. Following this post I became a member of the Green Party, which has policies closely aligned with the above, although I still think a party that puts human rights first would be my ideal home party. Maybe once we have proportional representation eh?

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