Leeds Beer Quest

Regular readers of my blog (if such a thing exists) will notice it’s gone quiet here recently.

I’ve not vanished, but I do have another project to keep me occupied!

Emily and I are on a Leeds Beer Quest! We’re on a mission to visit every single pub and bar in Leeds city centre and review them. We’ve done 36 so far, which sounds like a lot, but we’ve got at least 140 to do!

Check us out over there, especially if you live in Leeds and you’re looking for some ideas about new places to go out (or places to avoid). The address is pretty memorable: http://leedsbeer.info/

I’ve also not given up my commitments to Twitter and Flickr, and you can find me on those sites by following the links to the right hand side.

I do have loads of ideas for writing on this blog too, so you never know… another entry might appear in the next few weeks!

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