My talks at Bettakultcha

Bettakultcha is a West Yorkshire phenomenon. Started by marketing genius Richard Michie and speaking expert Ivor Tymchak, it is a night of advert/sponsorship-free presentations on any subject at all, but set to a backdrop of 20 slides at 15 seconds per slide.

I’ve had the fortune to speak at three such events. I’m by no means the star of the show, ever, but I think what I have to say is worth hearing!

Bettakultcha Leeds V, 2nd November 2010

The first time I spoke was on common mistakes in the English language, and mnemonics for remembering how to fix them.

Sadly, the video for this one is forever lost, but I’ve put the slides on Slideshare.

Bettakultcha Leeds VIII, 12th April 2011

At this much larger event with an audience of about 200, I spoke on the controversial subject Why Manchester is better than Leeds (video link, slides interspersed). With tongue firmly in cheek I saved myself from the seething crowds.

Secret Bettakultcha, 9th August 2011

The latest event was held at a secret venue, and was much more low-key. Here I attempted to convey the history of the English language in five minutes (video link; slides are hard to read so are available on Slideshare).

If you’ve not heard me speak before, let me know what you think in the comments!

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