Coffee and orange squash

Just a short one today. I just really wanted to post something on my blog today. Here’s something I discovered a few months back and feel I have to share with you all.

Coffee and orange squash1.

Not mixed together, of course, but side by side. Specifically, taking a sip of orange squash when the aftertaste of coffee is still in your mouth. You’d never believe it, but this produces a completely new flavour I can only describe as “smooth and powerful”.

Give it a go and see what I mean! I have a feeling you’ll be surprised too.

Disclaimer: I drink my coffee black. I cannot vouch for how this tastes with white coffee but I can only imagine it’s revolting, as is mixing milk with just about anything.

  1. American readers will not be familiar with squash as a type of drink. It’s a sort of sweet non-fizzy fruit juice drink. []

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