Too many stairs

Here’s a question that I’ve been meaning to ask my readers:

How many flights of stairs is too many stairs?

In my last building I lived on the fourth floor1 and I always tried to take the stairs as much as possible but would go up in the lift if I had heavy bags or I was sufficiently tired and/or drunk.

Now I live on the third floor I am much more inclined to climb them even if I’m tired.

I think five, or maybe six, would be the limit at which point the lift would win except when I’m feeling extra-healthy.

Let’s take a quick straw poll. Are any of my readers conscious of their stair-climbing limits? Please share them in the comments!2

  1. In Europe this means four floors above the ground floor. []
  2. Twitterers: Please may I request you comment on the post rather than on Twitter because the comments get lost in the sea of time if they’re made on Twitter. []


  1. Ivor Tymchak
    Jul 10, 2011

    Surely, you just take as many stairs as you can and then take the lift from whatever floor represents your physical limit?

    • Rich
      Jul 10, 2011

      A novel solution… but do you really do that?

  2. S
    Jul 11, 2011

    haha, good question. In Lisbon on the 6th floor I used the stairs as long as I was not tired / drunk / carrying shopping – but usually managed one of the three!

    If helps if the lifts are slow and crap :-p.

  3. Ivor Tymchak
    Jul 11, 2011

    OK, there were a couple of occasions when time was against me and I took the lift as a first choice. But then climbing the stairs of the Empire State building and the Twin Towers, both on the same day would have been a tall order.

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