The Yes vote needs you!

The opinion polls are showing the “No” vote in the upcoming referendum on whether to adopt AV for parliamentary elections as being a dead cert. The “Yes” campaign needs as many votes as it can possibly get!

Please get to a polling station on 5th May and cast your vote. Don’t waste it because you think the voting system doesn’t matter.

Here are the reasons you should vote “Yes”, in a nutshell:

  • Under the current system, an MP can be elected when a huge majority of the voting population votes against that candidate. Here’s a perfect example using beer and coffee to illustrate this. In a real decision-making situation like this, people would say “well, 70% of us want beer so let’s pick the pub we most agree on”.
  • Under the current system, a vote for the candidate of your choice can be considered a “wasted” vote, because by voting for your favourite candidate from a non-major political party you are surrendering your right to decide which of the major political parties you prefer. This illustration of someone going out to buy you sweets is perfect.
  • The BNP are opposing the “Yes” campaign because it would likely not give them an advantage. But if it does give the will of the people the chance to elect BNP representatives, shouldn’t that be allowed? This is supposed to be a democracy, after all.

Please, please, please, get out and vote on 5th May. This is important and it will change politics for the better if it happens!

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